We are a Toronto-based marketing, production management and grant administration company providing artists with the solutions to build their brand and maximize their fan-base through multiple platforms, including street, digital, mobile, print, radio and TV.

Honouring its mission statement to service, lobby and develop the arts communities, eEK! tailors each marketing plan to the client, from developing online profiles and nationwide street teams to the overall concept and branding. eEK! is unique as they combine 20th Century old school methodology with 21st Century digital applications for cutting edge ideas that engage the audience.

Among its artist clients are the Trews, Jarvis Church, Tim Chaisson, Scarlett Jane, Sarah Slean and Lee Harvey Osmond.

eEK! also works with Bumstead Recordings, Distort Inc., Latent Recordings, Open Road and Frontside Promotions for some of the aforementioned acts, in terms of street teams, product management and grant administration. In addition, eEK! consults with artist management companies including The Management Trust and Hive Management and has also created campaigns for CIMA's Canadian Blast during SXSW.

Helmed by Erin Kinghorn, she and her team bring a much required skill set to eEK! that’s missing from the music industry, as major labels lose staff and rarely provide enhanced services. “Artists and managers are left to deal with the distribution companies on their own, not understanding branding and marketing and not knowing how to speak ‘label’ as it were,” says Kinghorn. “That’s where we come in. and have an ability to do that extremely well. eEK! knows how to set up a record properly within a system and order product; our contacts in the media enable us to get good pricing on media buying and we also able to help my clients write and administrate their funding applications.

Prior to forming eEK! in Toronto, Kinghorn spent eight years with Vancouver-based Nettwerk Music Group from 2000 to 2008 as director of sales and marketing. There, she worked on albums by Sarah McLachlan, Tiesto, Swollen Members, Great Lake Swimmers, Dusted, Be Good Tanyas and more. She then worked in Toronto as the general manager of the Foundation To Assist Canadian Talent On Recording (FACTOR), which provides grants to eligible artists.

As an innovative service-minded leader, Kinghorn gets involved in an artist’s career at least two or three albums in, when the band or individual has a licensing deal with a major or one of the high-profile distribution companies.

The artists know best who they’re playing to and what they want to be. To be able to have that conversation with them is really important,” says Kinghorn. “Also, when hiring eEK!, it’s an ongoing process. We lay out timelines and visions for the act, not one or two months, but where they want to be in six months, in three years, and we set things up that way. I give my clients a workable marketing strategy they can follow for their career."