Tips For Funding

I spent a large majority of my weekend working on funding completions and applications for our clients and I figured I would take a moment and share some helpful and really simple tips we have developed here at eEK! to make these things less daunting.

1)    Create a 12 month calendar which includes:

  • All deadlines for the programs you qualify for.
  • The dates of when each of your completions are due.
  • Important dates such as start and end dates of recording and release date of your album (domestically and internationally).
  • Pretty much anything you might need to reference back to in the future.

2)    Create a dropbox, google doc or box account and invite everyone on your team to it.  This folder should be used for the following:

  • All distribution agreements.
  • Any press you receive.
  • Marketing plans and budgets.
  • Tour itineraries.
  • Band members’ passports and contact details.
  • Invoices and proofs of payment scans.
  • Sync placement paperwork.

3)    Get to know your funder and their guidelines:

  • Read through the eligibility requirements and program guidelines for each round (these are constantly being updated).
  • Read through your completion documents carefully and make a list of everything you need and add it to your calendar and online file (see what I did there  ).
  • Find out who your point of contact is at each agency and touch base with them.  They want to help you and they are nice.
  • Go to funding seminars in your community and at conferences.
  • Become a member of your local Music Industry Association, their mandate is to be an advocate for the Music industry in your community and they have the inside scoop about funding programs and in most cases they have some of their own.

Now you might read this and think, “come on, Erin, this is common sense” and it is, but in 9/10 cases this doesn’t exist.  The time and energy you can save just by putting in some extra work at the beginning and organizing yourself is worth its weight in gold.  To help you out, here are some key upcoming deadlines for the rest of 2014:

August 28 – Radio Starmaker Fund Deadline.

August 29 – FACTOR Semi-Annual Review for Artists & Companies.

If you want to apply for the September 25 deadline, you need to have an up-to-date rating.

September 4 – MuchFACT deadline.

September 25 – FACTOR – Demo and Juried Sound Recording Deadline.

October 30 – MuchFACT deadline.

November 20  – Radio Starmaker Fund Deadline.

November 28 – FACTOR – 3rd Quarter Review for Artist Profile.

Also, FACTOR has put together an amazing list of alternate sources of funding, check it out Here.

If you are looking for information on how eEK! can help you with your funding needs, please email us at

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favour,