While online marketing is near and dear to our hearts we cannot forget how important it is to get on the streets! At eEK! we pride ourselves on providing national and local campaigns, carried out by our enthusiastic  street team, at a variety of price levels. Our services include, but are not limited to, postering, hand to hand distribution (think flyers, stickers, CDs, download cards, condoms, etc.), stenciling, billboard backpacks, tastemaker distribution (reps going to specific stores and shops ie. tattoo shops, skate shops, chocolatiers, art galleries, etc.; speak directly to staff/management and provides music with a brief and knowledgeable  background on the artist that staff can feel free to play within their establishments) and store checks (to see where albums are placed in stores and how many are in stock). The sky's the limit though and we're happy to experiment with various campaigns.

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